Let’s talk for a minute about what people like and don’t like about appliance repair person.

By the look on your face, I’m sure you have some strong opinions.

Believe me, I can tell you stories about what customers tell me. And, you know what? I generally hear about the same things over and over again. 

So, here’s a list of the things I hear that people most appreciate about appliance repair professionals. Of course, the reverse of these things is what they don’t like. Let me know if you agree with my list.

      You like a appliance repair person who . . . .

1. is available to come quickly when something breaks.

Let’s face it; when a washer breaks in mid-cycle, you want it fixed right away. You want the appliance repair person to be able to come to your house the same day – within a few hours, if possible. When the repair person tells you he can’t make it until later in the week, you wonder if he’s too busy to help.

2. returns telephone calls.

It’s a great feeling when you leave an urgent message and the appliance repair person calls you right back. It shows that the service professional thinks you’re important, which you are. When the call isn’t returned, it feels like you’ve been forgotten.

3. arrives on time and gives a tight time frame when they will arrive.

You have a busy schedule and an issue with an appliance, air conditioner or sprinkler system cuts into your day. It helps a lot when the repair person calls you when they are on the way and knocks on your door when he’s supposed to, so you don’t waste time waiting.  Plus it makes you feel the appliance service professional is respectful of your time.

4. gives an easy to understand explanation about what needs to be fixed.

Sometimes what looks like a major issue isn’t really. Or vice versa. Because you can’t know everything about mechanics, you appreciate it when a problem is carefully explained. When you know what’s going on, you feel comfortable. When you don’t, you feel anxious. Maybe even suspicious. Which is very reasonable, looking for an appliance repair tech that is not trying to pull something but simply help.

5. answers questions patiently.

Even when you get an explanation about a repair, sometimes you have questions. When a service professional answers questions patiently, it shows interest in your concerns.

6. fixes the issue quickly.

Isn’t it great when a repair happens quickly? Remember when I said some problems really aren’t that bad? When your appliance service person fixes something fast, it shows he knows what to look for. Plus it makes us feel he or she isn’t looking for issues that aren’t really there. It creates trust.

7. has spare parts with him.

While some repairs need unusual parts to fix, a lot of them just need a couple of the most commonly used ones. When a repair person has those parts in his truck, you know this isn’t his or her first rodeo, and he’s prepared. You’ll likely to think the service professional is experienced. If he  or she doesn’t have the parts, you begin to wonder.

8. gives maintenance tips.

When a repair person gives you tips on how to maintain something so it doesn’t break, you feel like you’re getting something for free. Think about it. Why would a repair person tell you how to avoid calling him? I’m guessing because the service professional really wants to help you.

9. gives a fair price.

            Most likely the appliance repair person who does all the things I’ve listed above will give you a fair price. Why? Because he’s a true professional. He’s experienced, knowledgeable, respectful, and truly wants to help you. And when he gives you a fair price for the repair, you’ll know he or she is trustworthy too.

Does your repair person do these things? I do. Call me. Tyler Adkins (972) 890-5014


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