Who does not love buying a new refrigerator?  They are beautiful,  clean and without a spot on them.  Picking the right fridge is very important to both our home and to our pocketbooks.  Our kitchens are the center of our homes. The center of the kitchen is the refrigerator.  So having some ideas what you are looking for before you head out to the store can save you grief, time and money.

Picking the right fridge probably won’t change your life, however, picking the wrong has the possibility of doing so.  Having a plan in place is important so you do not get caught by a salesperson who is simply looking for their next sale. 


  7 Simple Steps To Picking Your New Refrigerator

  1. Choose what features you want in your new fridge before you go to the store.  In the new appliances of today, there are tons of features that only do one thing.  They cost you money, they are created to make the appliance more desirable and worth more in the marketplace. Every new feature takes parts and has the potential of breaking down.  So if you really do not need that feature put it on the do not need list.  Make sure you are ready with your list before you talk to anyone at the store, they will always want you to buy new cool features that you did not plan on purchasing.
  2. When you are purchasing a new refrigerator make sure you buy the extended warranty,  no matter what brand you buy. Typically 80% of the appliances we repair is under 3 years old and a warranty can and will save you grief in the future. Protecting your pocketbook from unexpected repairs will always bring a return on investment. 
  3. Get the model number and do research! The model number will give you vital information on the appliance. It will tell you what year it was manufactured, do not expect that just because it is in the store that it was made in the last 6 month. It will also tell you how many times they have re-engineered it. This can be a sign that something is wrong. 
  4. Evaluate the appliance as if it is in your home and you need to see how well it will work for you and your family! Look at how sturdy the doors and drawers feel. Ask questions like, does it have enough room for the food I currently keep in my refrigerator? Will it be a problem for my kids to get to their favorite snacks?  Does it look like it can hold the weight off the food we have in now? Most of the manufacturers put less money into the parts that hold things together and more into features.  But as we discussed this is create sales and not to help you have an appliance that works better, 
  5. Have a backup refrigerator in the garage!  If you are buying a new refrigerator, have a backup older machine in your garage or laundry room. Make sure you have enough room to put the food from your kitchen refrigerator in it.  This can save you tons of money when the new one stops working. You never know when the emergency will happen and when that new fridge will get hot and start putting water all over the floor. 
  6. Pick something that is well made and works with the food you typically use.  Don’t put to much weight in drawers to where they squeak or make funny noises.
  7. Call your trusted appliance repair person and ask them what they think.  Have they seen this model and had to repair it a lot or is it rare for them to have seen this?  You do not want a new refrigerator that is notorious for breaking and costing you money in repairs. 

Picking the right appliance is only the first step, having all of your appliances on a yearly professional maintenance program is vital to lowering your risk for high-cost repairs in the future.  It is best to start maintaining this new refrigerator starting at 1 year after you have bought it. 

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