• Do I need to need to have High Efficiency or will the the regular laundry detergent work for me?

    The rule of the thumb is that HE or High Efficiency Detergent will work for older machines but the regular detergent will not work for HE machines.   Having the wrong soap for the new HE machines can and will break your washing machine.  If you do not know if you have a HE Washer call me anytime and I will help you figure it out.

  • Should I use natural detergent for me and and my family? 

    Yes! This is all we use at my home.  If you come visit, non toxic high efficiency laundry soap is what you you will find. There are a couple specific brands and locations we get ours at.  We love Costco and if they have our brand there we will buy it.  But normally we get it at Market Street. There’s also a great brand that must be purchased online from a company called Melaleuca which is very good and great for you.

  • What about the bubble packs, how do those work? 

    To me this is a pretty simple question and honestly I would NEVER use these. They are very damaging to your washing machine. There is too much detergent in them, they are covered in a plastic that does not always disintegrate completely and will clog up your machine.  They are not good for your washing machine and dryer besides for your family. I would never recommend any type of soap or detergent to go in your washing machine or dishwasher that has a plastic layer to hold it together. 

  • Should I use liquid or powder?  

    Either one works fine but I personally use liquid more often simply because my brand comes in that.  But recently I found a local company that makes alnatural that I will be doing a test on to see how it cleans.

There are thousands of types of laundry detergent.

How many can you name of the top of your head? 
Tide, All , OxyClean, Surf, Gain, Fab, just to name a  few. 
Choosing the right detergent for your machine type can be confusing
Asking the questions always can move us in the right directions. . 
  • Is there a difference in name brand vs generic brand?

    Yes! I have found that the generics break down my clothes more quickly and that I have twice as much lent which can cause more trouble with both my washer and my dryer.  I recommend buying name brand of which ever you buy.

  • Can I make home made HE Laundry Detergent?

    Yes! Absolutely. There are as many recipes as you are willing to look for. I use Pinterest or Facebook to find the recipes I have used. Once again, our skin is very the largest organ in our body has and it is absorbs everything put on it right into the blood stream.  So putting non-toxic things in my clothes and sheets if very important to me.  It also is a great way to get the kids involved in chores and teach them how to do laundry.

  • What Brand of Laundry Detergent do you use? 

    I have used many different brands but the one I recommend the most highly is a all natural detergent  from Melaleuca.  It lowers the lint in my dryer and helps us stay healthy.  I love it, we also use a product that keeps our whites sparkling.  I recommend talking to Shari Snyder.

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