Ask any woman and she’ll tell you it’s important to avoid repairs to a clothes dryer. Think about it. What family can go very long with a broken dryer?

Of course, you can hang your clothes in the backyard. But, hanging clothes outside on a clothes line only encourages bad tempered neighbors who report you to the HOA and over active squirrels.

Avoiding repairs to a clothes dryer is really pretty simple. It’s all about proper maintenance of the machine. Below are a few tips for keeping your dryer running smoothly and keeping unfriendly neighbors and squirrels at bay.

  • First, always, always check your pockets.  Objects left in pockets become flying debris in a turning dryer drum.  Think tornado. Coins, paper clips and other metal can get lodged and cause damage to the machine, and clothes can get torn up. Plus, they make a lot of noise.
  • Second, clean the lint screen after every load. Also clean the vent duct. When the screen and duct are clogged, the dryer can’t breathe and may over heat. Basically, it strangles. Not a good thing.  Dirty vents also prevent dryers from drying effectively and have been known to cause parts to fail.

If your dryer or washer is not on an outside wall, be sure you hire someone to        clean it out at least every 2 years. I recommend Jacob Smith at Home Safe Vent          Cleaning 214- 681-9848.

  • While it’s great to have clean clothes, it’s no fun wearing them when they’re wet. So, if the dryer stops heating but is still running, it’s a good idea to check the breaker first before calling the repair guy. It may be half tripped.
  • Next, have you noticed the dryer wobbling? If the machine hasn’t been drinking, wobbling is a sure sign it’s unbalanced. Wobbling causes excessive wear and tear.  Check the machine’s feet to see that they’re level.
  • Resist the urge to feed your dryer too much.  Stuffing a huge load of wet clothes in its mouth will cause it to gain weight.  Water logged clothes are heavy and cause stress on the motor. Just like us, machines don’t like a lot of stress. Also, excess water can accumulate in the vent and cause mold to grow.
  • Finally, check the machine’s manual.  You’d be surprised; there just might be some good information in there.

If you haven’t followed these tips, and your dryer breaks down, call me – Tyler Adkins. My number is (972) 890-5014.

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