6 Things To Do Right Now To Help Our Refrigerators Outlast the Heat Of Summer.

  What the summer heat does to our refrigerators

What a  hot we have had.   Here in Texas summer often creates more heat than most of us ever want to see.  The hotter the weather the more stress is placed on our appliances. especially our refrigerators and freezers.  The summer heat has the potential of doing serious  Unfortunately, it seems the hotter the summer the harder it is on our Refrigerators.  It does not matter if they in our homes or in our garages our refrigerators take a beating, especially during an overly hot summer.  As we all know living in the Dallas summer means heat is on its way! The damage that heat can do, has the ability to cut into our vacation budget and our vacation time!  But we do not have to settle for that.  We can do things differently and choose a new way of being. 


OHelp Our Refrigerators Outlast The Heat of Summer.

  1. Keep your air conditioner on the same temp when you go on vacation as you would when you are at home. Your refrigerator has to remove the warm air to another location in order to keep your food cold. So, if your house is too warm it puts more pressure on your refrigerator to work harder which can cause problems.
  2. Cover all the food in your freezer and refrigerator. Uncovered food puts food particles into the vent system which can stick it up and not allow air to move freely this can cause you to lose your food.
  3. Keep the doors to outside closed. The temperature in your house has a big effect on your refrigerator. Make sure the kids close the door every time they go in or out.
  4. Get a cooler to fill with your favorite drinks for summer. Fill it with ice to keep your drinks nice and cold. This will keep kids and adults alike out of the fridge every time you’re thirsty for your coke or sweet tea. It will also help your refrigerator last longer.
  5. Give your refrigerator plenty of room to breathe. Do not push it too far back against the wall that can restrict the airflow make the compressor work harder than it normally will. This can and will shorten the length of time your appliance will run well.